Rivlin sends heartfelt letter to ignored bereaved family after ‘Post’ exposé

The state should have dealt more sensitively with the Cafrey family after their son Guy was murdered in a terrorist attack in January, President Reuven Rivlin wrote to the family on Tuesday.

The letter followed a Jerusalem Post report last week on how the Cafrey family was not contacted by any cabinet members – despite a decision made earlier this year that ministers would attend funerals of victims of terrorism – nor were they invited to the President’s Residence in Jerusalem as is the custom. The oversight was likely due to a three-week gag order on the circumstances of the shooting by an Israeli Arab in Haifa, before the Shin Bet (Israel Security) decided it was a terrorist attack and not criminal activity.

“There is no doubt that the event that took Guy’s life was a serious hate crime committed by a despicable murderer who deserves the heaviest punishment,” Rivlin wrote. “There also is not doubt that this painful event should have been handled with greater sensitivity. There is no doubt that you deserve to be treated warmly, respectfully and sincerely in an attempt to ease your pain even slightly.”

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