Media Appearances

On the “Two Nice Jewish Boys” podcast:

At Limmud in Sydney, Australia:

Lahav interviews Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on his official visit to Moscow:

Talking politics on “The Tipping Point” podcast

2015 election candidates debate in English

Watch Lahav interview Tzipi Livni in the JPost Election Arena:

Sky News: Lahav discusses how the motivations of Hamas terrorists have little to do with Israeli actions.

Sky News: Lahav debates whether the Palestinians really want peace and the appropriate response to Palestinian terrorism.

JPost Frontlines Podcast – From 8:30, listen to Lahav discuss a bill to limit prisoner releases, increased punishment for rock-throwers and Gilad Erdan’s appointment as Interior Minister here:

BBC World Have Your Say – Listen to Lahav Harkov talk about vehicular terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and the battle for the Temple Mount here:

Voice of Israel Radio – How strong is Netanyahu’s government?

Frontlines Podcast: The US-Israel relationship in crisis

From 13:40 Knesset Reporter Lahav Harkov explains how domestic public opinion and the politics of war are playing out. On a lighter note, she also discusses how some Knesset members got roped into an international viral video trend.

BBC World Service “World Have Your Say” – Gaza ceasefire

Al-Jazeera Listening Post: The information war over Gaza (Watch Lahav talk about media coverage of Operation Protective Edge at 4:15 and 5:40)

Operation Protective Edge

Thousands rally for Jonathan Pollard outside US Embassy in Tel Aviv

Memorial service for former prime minister Ariel Sharon

i24 News: Can politicians have private lives? (Segment begins at 3:50)

i24 News: Yesh Atid’s civil union bill

JPostTV: Coalition chairman Yariv Levin on a Knesset session full of challenges and dramatic reforms

Radio TLV1: Lahav talks about the first day of the Knesset’s winter session (from 38 minutes)

Radio TLV1: Lahav reports on a Knesset meeting about Jewish visits to the Temple Mount (from 54 minutes)

i24 News: Lahav on the US courts’ decision to not consider Jerusalem part of Israel on passports

JPostTV: Netanyahu begins talks for haredi-free government

Israel NOW News: Lahav discusses coalition negotiations. From 10:30 (February 2013)

JPostTV: Likud headquarters on election night (January 2013)

World News Australia: Pre-election preview (January 2013)

Sky News: Why Kadima left the coalition over haredi enlistment (July 2012)


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