The bereaved family that fell between the cracks

One Haifa-based family demands to know why the government is ignoring them in their grief over the death of their son, who was shot at close range by an Israeli Arab.

The bereaved Israeli family that fell between the cracks

Credit: Courtesy

On January 3, 2017, Guy Cafrey, a 48-year-old school bus driver for disabled children, was shot at close-range and murdered by an Israeli Arab in Haifa. He left behind his parents and a sister who, until this week, did not hear from a cabinet minister or from President Reuven Rivlin.

Usually, when a person is killed in a terrorist attack, the cabinet secretary assigns a minister to attend the funeral, and while there is no official procedure, ministers will often pay the family a shiva call. The president invites bereaved families to his official home.

Yet because of the circumstances surrounding Guy’s murder – which are in no way his or his family’s fault – the government has not sent any form of condolences, leaving the family feeling like its bereavement is somehow considered to be less important.

“I feel so totally ashamed,” Guy’s mother, Bertha, said this week. “How can they be like this?”

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