Social equality minister: I hope that in five years, we won’t have a wage gap to talk about

This year is the first in which Israel is celebrating International Women’s Day with a designated minister to work on women’s issues: Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel.

Gamliel is not only responsible for helping women; her ministry includes gender and minority equality and the advancement of youth and pensioners. Often her efforts benefit a cross-section of those groups.

The Likud politician plans to give a speech about projects her ministry has undertaken at the United Nations’ International Women’s Day event next week – her second speech at the UN in her current job, after speaking at the Security Council about women involved in peace and security issues in late 2015.
“We have a lot to be proud of. I will present our successes,” Gamliel told The Jerusalem Post in her office in the Knesset last month. Much of Gamliel’s efforts in helping women are focused on the gender-based wage gap, saying that she has set a strategic goal to reduce, or even close that gap in the public sector.  Continue reading 


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