Reporter’s Notebook: We have love, and it will win

A candlelight vigil in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square exemplifies how all of Israel is united in mourning.

During the 18 days between when Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Fraenkel and Gil-Ad Shaer went missing and when their bodies were found, I prayed for them more times than I can count, my eyes inevitably welling up with tears each time.

I prayed in the Knesset with lawmakers across the political spectrum, becoming a part of the story I was reporting. I prayed in synagogue. I prayed at home, reciting Psalms in my heart. But mostly, I prayed with the Israeli people and the Jewish people who were united in hope that the boys would come home safely.

I also went to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to pray three times. First, two days after the news came out, with hundreds of people cramped into the square’s southern end, as most of the area was filled with the annual book fair. Second, on Sunday night at a prayer rally, with thousands of people, who were bussed in from all over Israel, filling the square.

Then, I returned late Monday night. This time, I was praying in the boys’ memory. Continue reading



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