Ex-MP Ryan: Labour moderates must stand up against antisemitism

The former MP, who did not stand for reelection last week, told ‘The Jerusalem Post’ she’s “relieved” that Jeremy Corbyn did not become prime minister, as he would be “a disaster” in the role.

Any moderates remaining in the UK’s Labour Party must have the moral courage to uproot “Corbynism,” hatred and antisemitism at the party’s core, former Labour MP Joan Ryan said on Sunday at the sidelines of the 11th annual conference of The International Institute for Strategic Leadership Dialogue.

Ryan, who resigned from her party in February to join the Independent Group of former Labour MPs because of the antisemitism and hatred of Israel, called to “uproot the phenomenon of Corbynism, which promotes hate and antisemitism,” during a panel on antisemitism and BDS, saying that Corbyn “brought a culture of poison and incitement to the party.”

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