Then and now: Kahane and Ben-Ari’s bans and the Israeli Overton Window

The ideas that got Kach banned are still outside the acceptable discourse in Israel, but quite a few of Kahane’s other proposals are present today and, apparently, within the Overton window.

The High Court of Justice ruling to disqualify Otzma Yehudit candidate Michael Ben-Ari from running in the April 9 election is unprecedented, in that it was the first time an individual candidate approved by the Central Elections Committee was banned.
Otzma and other parties led and later inspired by Rabbi Meir Kahane have a long history of losing in court, and in that way it seems like history has repeated itself.
However, a lot has changed since 1988, and perhaps the fact that Otzma is still allowed to run without Ben-Ari is the greatest proof of that. Continue reading

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