Likud primaries are on the way: What will happen?

With so many candidates and races happening in one day, there are likely to be plenty of surprises on the way, but here are some of the trends and drama in store.

The Likud primary is set to take place on Tuesday, with 113 polling places spread from Eilat in the South to Kiryat Shmona in the North, and competition in the largest party in Israel is as stiff as it’s ever been, with five candidates for every one of the expected 30 seats at which the party has been polling fairly consistently.

The Likud list is divided between national seats, which are elected by all the party’s members, and district seats, in which central committee members can vote. Then there are special seats like one for a new non-Jewish candidate, for an immigrant or for a candidate under 35. Current MKs can run only in the national seats – with the exception of Avraham Neguise, who is the front-runner for the immigrant spot – which means that a third of them are not expected to come back to the next Knesset, because only the first 23 national spots are likely to get into the Knesset. Continue reading


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