New Likudniks won’t back down

Members tell ‘Post’ that Likud can be more attractive if they abandon cult of personality, go back to being liberal party of the people.

The New Likudniks are angry, but they have hope.

Their anger has lit a fire under them that’s keeping them going through their Kafkaesque legal battle to remain members of the party that they say they want to help.

The group seeks to be a moderating force in the Likud, though they describe it as wanting to bring the Likud back to its roots when it comes to social issues and the rule of the law.

But over the past year and a half, the group has faced one petition after another before the Likud’s court, disqualifying large groups of its members – they claim to have registered over 15,000 to the Likud, with 8,000 currently eligible to vote in the February 5 primary – and its candidates. Continue reading


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