Inside a strange week in the Knesset

A few tidbits from the latest week in the life of the 61-seat coalition, from Kara’s convenient collapse to the MK who isn’t here to make friends, and the books Likudniks use to pass the time.

he 61-seat coalition continued to take its toll on the MKs who had to sit in the plenum for long hours to vote and were prohibited from pairing off with anyone from the other side because of the stiff competition. But the long hours and the political pressures brought on quite a few unusual and unexpected occurrences.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was spotted laughing with his presumed top competitor, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid. The word “porno” was thrown around regularly, as its censorship was the most talked-about bill for days. It was a strange week in the Knesset. Continue reading


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