Israel’s fiercest warrior against judicial activism

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin has raged against the Supreme Court from the day he entered politics, and he doesn’t plan to stop until the ‘constitutional revolution’ is reversed.

It’s been an active few months for the Supreme Court, overturning laws and government decisions on everything from the Western Wall to haredi conscription in the IDF to the fate of illegal migrants, which means Tourism Minister Yariv Levin has had an aggravating few months.

Other than his main tourism portfolio, Levin is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-hand man in the cabinet, who, in his capacity as the minister connecting between the executive and the Knesset, helps juggle and negotiate between the coalition partners. On Sunday, he was tasked with coming up with a bill regarding the ultra-Orthodox and IDF service that will satisfy the demands of both the High Court and Shas and United Torah Judaism.

Along with all that, Levin has time and attention to dedicate to what has been his passion and his goal since he entered politics in 2009: cracking down on judicial activism.

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