What has Israel’s government done for its citizens lately?

Some of the biggest news stories in Israel this year had to do with high-profile cabinet decisions that were never implemented.

The Western Wall compromise never came to fruition, and the government canceled it after being taken to the High Court of Justice over its foot-dragging. The evacuees from Amona are still living in temporary housing, as the construction of new homes for them is delayed.

The demand for housing still far outpaces supply, but decisions that are meant to speed up building, like extending work permits to more foreign and Palestinian construction workers, remain on paper only. It’s enough to make an Israeli wonder whether the government ever does what it says it’s going to do.

Here’s the good news: While the “industry of gloom,” as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the media, may often give a different impression, the government has actually implemented 70% of its decisions since the 2015 election.

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