Ehud Barak: Internet troll or comeback wannabe?

There have been endless rumors about Barak jumping back into the fray.

Ehud Barak has held many titles: Prime minister, defense minister, IDF chief of staff, Israel’s most decorated soldier, and, according to his bio on Facebook and Twitter, the “father of three daughters and therefore also a feminist.”

Lately, though, it seems that he’s embraced another role: Internet commentator. Is there more to his social media posts than meets the eye? Considering his impressive CV, Barak would be welcome in just about any TV studio or on the pages of any newspaper in Israel. However, starting in May 2016, he went from someone who rarely posted on social media to regularly sharing his thoughts on issues of the day on Facebook and Twitter, netting hundreds of thousands of views – probably more than he would have in the traditional Israeli media. Continue reading


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