Netanyahu confidant Meyer Habib fends off criticism about Judaism, relationship with PM

The newly reelected French MP boasts of his connections to the Jewish state and its premier in the face of harsh criticism in France, which he says has to change its “anti-Israel line.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s confidant and newly reelected French MP Meyer Habib spoke this week in defense of his relationship with the Israeli prime minister as well as his strong ties to the Jewish world in response to what he deemed to be undue criticism from the French media.

According to Habib, the French media was being hypocritical in its bashing of his long-standing friendship with Netanyahu, who also filmed an endorsement of the French MP’s reelection. “It didn’t bother anyone” when former US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed French President Emmanuel Macron ahead of his election earlier this year, Habib noted. Continue reading


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