Analysis: When Netanyahu’s mouthpiece has a foot in it

It’s David Bitan’s country; we’re just living in it.

At least that’s how it seems if you’ve been reading the political news lately. The coalition chairman and Likud MK seems to have come out of nowhere and somehow is everywhere, with a finger in every pie and something to say about everything.

On Saturday night, Bitan outdid himself, causing two maelstroms at once. First, he said that former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination was “not a political murder,” and then he announced that he is tracking the Facebook posts of journalists.

Bitan backtracked somewhat on both – Rabin’s murder had political motivations, but didn’t come from a political party, he said, and he’s not actively following journalists, he was sent certain Facebook posts, which are public anyway – but he was still at the eye of both storms.

If you’re wondering who Bitan is, where he came from and why is he making so many headlines, that’s understandable. Continue reading 


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