Analysis: No longer in high boots, has Ya’alon become the snake?

When Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ended his tenure as IDF Chief of Staff, he famously said that he continued to wear high boots on the job because of the “snakes” in the Kirya, the Tel Aviv military compound, a reference to other generals.

Last week, when asked in a pre-Remembrance Day interview with Army Radio if he should be wearing high boots these days, as well, Ya’alon chuckled and said he knew what he was getting into when he entered politics.

A week after that interview, after his meeting with Netanyahu about his call for IDF officers to freely criticize the government, those boots probably would have come in handy.

One hopes, for Ya’alon’s sake, that he really does know what he’s gotten into, because he seems to have been selling off all of his political assets lately. Continue reading


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