‘A win-win situation’

Every day, Israeli newspapers are filled with stories of what Knesset members did and said, the laws they passed, the arguments they had, but little is said about the people who make sure the Knesset runs smoothly each day, and their impact on our society.

Tamar Klein, 33, works as an assistant in the Knesset’s training department. She makes sure the Knesset’s 550 employees are caught up on professional course work and helps organize seminars and continuing education.

“I really enjoy my job; it’s very interesting, and I get to meet a lot of good people,” she tellsThe Jerusalem Post.

“The Knesset is a great place to work.”

Klein has cerebral palsy.

“I have CP from birth,” she says. “My parents always insisted that I can still use my hand and foot, and in the Knesset, I do everything normally, like every other worker.” Continue reading


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