Are Labor’s hawkish MKs returning to the party’s roots or abandoning the Left?

This week, lawmakers in a large faction in the Knesset shouted at Arab and Meretz MKs who opposed increasing the penalty for rock-throwing and said boycotting Israel is legitimate, voted in favor of making the government’s ties to the World Zionist Organization Settlement Division official and squabbled with left-wing reporters on Twitter.

Think the large faction is Likud? Think again. All of the aforementioned events involved MKs in the Zionist Union – more specifically, from Labor.

Some of Labor’s hawkish MKs have grown increasingly vocal, raising eyebrows among those to their Left, but the MKs themselves say they are simply continuing in the tradition of the party’s historic leadership.

This tension has been present throughout Labor’s history, but this week it became more palpable than ever. Continue reading


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