Jpost Election Arena: Livni’s consistent vision

MK Tzipi Livni, Labor-Hatnua’s co-candidate for a rotation premiership, is a contender for prime minister for the third time. She has been in the Knesset for over 15 years, and her moves from Likud to Kadima to Hatnua and now, a partnership with Labor, are as well-known as the political positions that went along with them.

Of course, Livni supports a negotiated two-state solution, and sees herself as the right person to negotiate. Of course, Livni has endless criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And of course, it is important to Livni that the Jewish and democratic elements of Israel’s character stay in balance.

However, Livni still had some surprises up her sleeve on her visit to The Jerusalem Post Election Arena, a new online interview series on Despite battling a cold, Livni spoke about US-Israel relations and her party’s chances in the next election, and gave insight into why the word “peace” has been mostly absent from the election campaign this time around. Continue Reading


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