Lady Gaga’s manic sci-fi artRAVE wakes Tel Aviv from its war-induced slumber

If Lady Gaga lives for “Applause,” as she sings, then she got one hell of an injection of life-force from the crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday night – and the pop star certainly reciprocated.

An adrenaline shot, laced with Gaga’s brand of insanity and sex appeal, was exactly what the Israel’s “non-stop city” needed for its first major concert by an international act after a summer in which rockets from Gaza forced it to cancel performances by acts like Neil Young, the Backstreet Boys and Lana del Rey.

The crowd of over 25,000 seemed desperate to lap up some of the indefatigable pop star’s vitality and Gaga obliged, giving more and more to the audience for nearly two hours until she broke down crying, with black mascara-stained tears streaming down her face at the end of her encore song, “Gypsy.” Continue reading


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